Anybody else?

Just took two weeks vacation from work.....Just to play the *** outta this game...Think they will give us one more map to try out before the beta closes?


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nope.. You will be tired of this beta in about 3 days.. and then you regret you took a 2 week vacation for this.. i saved my holiday for the end game release...

I hope they give us Caspian Border or atleast any map with vehicles in it

LOL....No. I did not take 2 weeks off for the beta, took the time off for launch....Yeah I would imagine the beta WOULD get a little boring after 2 weeks

I might take that Friday off. Maybe by then they'll have some of the kinks ironed out.

Why all the hate towards the beta?? Geeez nobody is EVER happy...Buy it or dont, stop whinin' about it already...BF3 FTW!

Why would they release this beta representing their game?  Like the beta is complete trash, EA expects me to put faith in them that they will make this garbage do a complete 180 and become a presentable game in less then a month?  Nah, I ain't risking it.  Playing this beta just lost them a sale.

They released it to see if there was any glitches, and now they know there are.

So now we can expect a glitchy piece of crap on launch with a day one patch and it might be all ironed out about a month after release. Beta should have came out 6 months ago if they were going to fix it pre-launch. I can't even get my damn gun to pop up 90% of the time.