Anybody else wish that...

Anybody else wish that you could pick up dead people's armor abilities? Sometimes I want to switch but don't want to have to die, would be nice to be able to at least take them from dead guys.


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I always thought that would be interesting. Then the phrase, "Battlefield comparision," comes up in my head. I ignore it later on.

^^   lol.  Thats the first thing I thought of.  Just play Battlefield if you want that.  Halo & Battlefield are really the only 2 shooters I play online.... they are vastly different in technique, and I'd prefer to see them stay at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Nothing against your idea, OP.

i think its a good idea, the dynamic of the game so often changes, quite often i will go into a map with a normal game plan, but if the other team/clan is working together with certain AA's, i also like yourself dont want to give away my life just to change to try and get the upper hand!

it would be nice if they had armour abilities spawn on the map like power weapons