Anybody else want MW3 to be bad? lol

Personally, not sure if im gonna buy it still (although my decision will be made tomorrow when the trailer comes out that will provide me with enough information), but i actually hope its bad

if its bad, i have no reason to buy it and it will give me more time to play gears 3 bf3 skyrim etc

if its good im gunna have to buy it (dont say blah blah u dont have to buy it if its good, im gonna want to, ive played like all the cods) and find time between all my games during a semester of college which will be impossible lol

i also hope its bad so developers realize you cant come out with the same stuff every year and be successful (not including monopolized sports games), i believe more innovation from different games could come out of another same-old cod game that sells less than black ops

regardless, even if it is good, black ops will have always sold more than mw3, so all you ppl that think mw3 is gunna sell crazy are a little crazy

as ppl have said before, hating call of duty is the new cool thing to do, ppl will not buy it just to say they dont have it



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I get the feeling some people here want it to fail. If I had to give an opinion, I would say in hopes of getting people to play BF instead. But who knows? Me, I like this game and am pretty confident lots of people will be joining  me.

Itll be COD. If you like CODs now, youll probably like MW3, its not rocket science, really.

I dont want it to be bad  but it probably will be

I've met people who thought it was cool to hate the cods before. They have all purchased every game that has come out so far. It just took them a little longer than others. MW3 will be a huge release and it will most likely out sell BO. That can be proven with science, not just your opinion.

how does science prove that mw3 will outsell bo? if you are using the logic of "the sequel always outsells the previous installment" that is completely false and with that logic every single human will own cod in 3 or 4 years...

on a side note i just bough alan wake today and it is one of the most remarkable games of this generation so far, presentation, story, atmosphere everything is top notch and Remedy really deserves a greater profit and its a shame that the next alan wake is only gonna be on xbla but i will make sure to buy it and support them so more innovation is in games and the alan wake stays alive...sadly ppl dont wanna buy a 17 dollar game (i got it for 12 with a five dollar coupon) and would rather spend 90-100 on the same product every year cough cod cough

i hope everybody gives alan wake a chance you will become captivated in his world in a way that the "cod universe" will never be able to create...mostly because cod has no personality to begin with