anybody else hope Brothers in Arms...

hells highway gets a sequel, battle of the bulge...HH was such a let down in the MP department but i think it would be sick if they focused on the MP as much as they do with their story.


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Theyve already announced a new brothers in arms and (thank god) it's not a sequel to hell's highway ... Check out the trailer on YouTube dude

yeah furious 4 or something like that, not what i was looking forward too though.

You do know about Brothers in Arms Furious 4 right?  Here's the info I've gathered from the latest Gameinormer:



"...the studio unflinchingly abandoned the tactical combat and somber tale of 101st Airborne soldier Matt Baker in favor of four-player co-op with an absurdist bent.  Mix the playful action of Bulletstorm, the XP addition of Borderlands, and the irreverent tone of Inglourious Basterds, and you have a good idea of what to expect..."



Each character will bring something unique to the table.  "The towering lumberjack-turned Nazi-slayer Montana lugs around a chaingun, the wily Texan Crockett brands his victims with a cattle iron, the mentally unstable Irishman Stitch uses a homeade taser, and the Native American Chok prefers to take out his enemies by lodging hatchets in their skulls."  As seen in the E3 video below.



Players will see the XP they earn through flashes on the screen, much like Bulletstorm. Players can spend XP on new weapons, perks, and makeshift gadgets.



Sounds like there will be plenty of non-conventional WWII weapons.  Other "playful weapons" will include a flamethrower, chainsaw, and bear trap armed with a grenade.



You can commandeer vehicles.  There will be jetpack SS guards with rocket launchers, attack helicopters, and bosses.



It will have 10-player multiplayer. 






I for one am very interested in the new direction they will be taking the game.  They're totally abandoning the old ways.  I loved the first two for the original Xbox, but I had trouble getting through the last one.  It just seemed so stale, even if it looked much better than the previous two.  If this one plays and feels like Borderlands mixed with Inglourious Basterds, I'll be all about it.

yeah i mean im not gonna buy it or anything, i personally think it looks like a cheesy spinoff, i guess im only saying that cause i really like every BIA game though, but hey if people like it its good for them.

Kind of reminds me or team fortress ... Probably gonna be amazing online ! But a bad story haha

That Furious 4 game looks and sounds rubbish. A complete disgrace to the Brothers in Arms name.

[quote user="PlatinumSpectre"]

A complete disgrace to the Brothers in Arms name.

[/quote]You'll have no argument from me.  I've played all three.  They shouldn't even be using the same name.  It should be an entirely new game.  That being said with what I said earlier, I'm excited for something new.