Anybody else feel like they are giving away more?

well i have only played the last Forza  i remember it seemed to take awhile to get cars, money.  This game seems to give you more very quickly.  Every level your getting cars, bonus credits from somewhere on each race, higher percent off parts with barely any racing.       Just seems like this game is gonna make it easier, which can be good, but seems like its too easy now..     anybody else think the same?    


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...I race no assists, have 5 hours of in-race time, am level 33, and have made only 1.3 million credits. That's barely half way to my goal of 2.5 for the Sesto Elemento. Sorry, I don't find it "way too easy" at all. Although when I think about it, it only would take about 5 races to get most of the cars in this game. (The ones that are about 100,000 credits.)

yeah i remember they did give you cars in the last game, but i raced 3 or 4 cars from almost each manufacturer in Forza 3 and i dont think i ever got 100% free parts, now you only have to race a few times with one car and your there.   Plus that manufacturer gives you bonuses.  just seems dumb to even waste money on a car, go race a few races and soon you wont have to pay for anything you do to it.        

i don`t remember actually buying cars in the last game as you seemed to win everything you needed.

I mentioned that in another thread and yes it does feel like there is really no incentive to keep going