Any1 Have a Good Reccomendation For Learning Infinites?

I am a great old school player and prefer to play ranked, My true skill is 30. But Now and then and lately often i run into these cheeseheads who use the infinites so Its time to fight fire with fire. Whos the easiest 2 learn? Is there any place on the web with a infinite xbox 360 button input layout? I see many on youtube just vids mind u and im not gonna break it down like that, a lot i see are ps3 button layouts and again i dont wanna decipher lol


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yup the dead zone spammerz are sad little tw@ts i h8 them, well worth having a disconnect in my eyes!


basically you dont even have a chance of getting a move in, once they start ur pretty much done...

makes it even worse when they trap you in the corner with it, goes a little some thing like this Warrior.

hit to juggle,


hit to juggle,


rinse an repeat

l2block and i wont send  you flying across the entire map as smoke. its that simple the button called RT helps. nothing better than doing 90% of dmg on a person because they wont block

are you a retard? or just a forum troll?

Smoke is no problem to any one he's just a one trick ponny used by scrubs.

So as you say learn block we say learn a fighter an not a cheese fest fighter, im also interested in how you mange to send the fighter across the screen with your eliteness!

Hes a scrub in the wrong hands, I believe Aris used him at Evo 2011 & was brilliant.

So infinite refers to resets?

Infinites r not cool by any means and worthy of submitting a bad player profile. True u may block and I've beaten quite a few this way by Zoning and Blocking but Raidens is ridiculous, crazy stuff with cyrax as well. I've seen a lot of Liu Kang corner infinite tryers lately but anyone who is a zoner can cause match up problems for Liu. Raidens infininte? Nutz and illegal

No one knows how to use Breakers anymore?

Lol exactly what I was thinking vernierslake