Any workaround for not have LB/RB on my MS FF Wheel?

For those of you with MS FF Wheels, what are you doing to use the LB/RB?  Are you plugging in another controller? Remapping the buttons?  It is kinda annoying not being able to use those buttons.  Any help would be appreciated.


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My Microsoft wheel has the paddles behind the wheel. Those act as the LB and RB

Foot pedal, namely the brake for left trigger.  I took me a while to figure that out myself.

How is that wheel? Saw it when I went into gamestop and it made me curious.

I have the same problems with the new speed wheel.  Using the controller isn't an option because it confuses Forza into thinking you have a full-featured wheel setup.  The speed wheel is unusable until you restart Forza.

I like the wheel alot.  It is not a truly "wireless" wheel.  You still need to plug the wheel into a wall outlet if you want Force Feedback.  If you don't want FF, you can put you normal controler's batteries in the wheel and it can then be wireless.  But it works well, never had a problem.  Well worth the $100 or so I paid for it.

My should have been Left Trigger and Right Trigger.