any word....

....if this upcoming BF3 is gonna have any large "easter egg" DLC like the Vietnam expansion for BC2....i.e., is this sort of practice gonna become the norm for DICE games.


another Vietnam expansion would be cool....maybe some downtown Saigon battles like a "rush" style game where you try to attack/defend the embassy as it's being evac'd .....if they do throw another Vietnam expansion please please give us nepalm strikes, and realistic claymores ...not those "shortbus special" claymores with the glowing lines on the screen from COD....


doesn't have to be Vietnam 'bout Korea circa 1950, or even WW1....give us a 1943'ish game with trenches, fixed MG's a few WW1 vehicles (mosquito tanks, sopwith camels) and fixed classes....or even a console HD updated version of 2142...think of the possibilities......later on ofcourse, not right after release


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I've been dieing to play a Korean War game for years now. Hopefully one of these days one is released.