Any word on price of map pack?

I have 2400 points and was going to buy Alan Wake American Nightmare or I Am Alive (if anyone has any thoughts on either one please feel free) but I don't want to buy one of those and then the map pack is like 1400 or 1600 points.

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The map pack releasing on March 20th will be priced for 1200 msps. I've heard good things about those two games so I would go with both. You're not missing out much, the maps/spec ops aren't anything special.

I have nearly 5000 m$p,I don't know what to spend then on,MW3 dlc doesn't strike me as value.Might get the batman fps on arcade.

I bought Alan Wake, it's awesome. I thought about Gotham City but getting kinda burnt out on FPS, still might pick it up next week though. And I figure I will be playing MW3 for at least a couple more months so the map pack is needed. Glad it's gonna be only 1200 points, I was worried they might try to pull something and charge 1600.

Stay away from GCI ... it'll be dead online by the time you get it, if it's not already... I'd never recommend buying an online-only Arcade game.


As for the maps, likely 1200 MSP. Fair price for what you're getting, but only Overwatch and Black Box are worthwhile in the pack.

What else could it be than 1200 really... However, IMHO that's way too much for jsut a few more maps. If I was you I'd skip the maps and get both Alan Wake and I Am Alive, that's what I'm gonna do.

1200msp. 15 dollars then there will be 4 or 5 more map packs at 15 75 in DLC for mw3. I like all the new maps i have elite. Not a big fan of liberation cuz i dont snipe often but Piaza overwatch and black box are awesome. Black box being my fav. I would suggest buying elite for 50 you get all the DLC early.

The elite app is interesting kind of neat but pointless. Then only could then about getting elite is all the maps for a discounted price.

[quote user="Toasted Beaver"]Not a big fan of liberation cuz i dont snipe often but Piaza overwatch and black box are awesome. Black box being my fav. [/quote]

I find this pretty confusing. I've only played Black Box a few times but from what I can tell, it's a sniper's paradise. Not sure why Black Box is your fav but you don't like Liberation because of sniping?!??!

Itl probably be over 9000 like 8.99999 or something. Or it could be 1200 M$ points again. The good old days of 800 M$ points for 4 maps and a zombie map are long gone.

For those that aren't elite I hope for your sake it is only 1200MSP, but I'm thinking it's going to be at 1600MSP.  4 maps and 2 spec ops modes are in the content pack for next week.  

And yes Black Box appears to be a snipers paradise.  May more so than Liberation.  I enjoy playing the other 3 maps a lot, but I'm still not quite sold on Black Box.

1600msp and they can jog on!!