Any way to get a Fifa 12 online pass seperatly?

Bought this game off a mate who has played it all day, doesnt want it!

Anyway his pass is all used on his profile..

I know EA are trying to make a bit of money from pre-owned games with the whole online pass thingy but I cant find one on the live store

Any ideas or is FIFA12 2nd hand basically useless online?


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pretty sure when you sign on without the online pass, you should be able to purchase one through the marketplace for 9.99

What I've done a couple times for madden and homefront, was walk into Family Video(my blockbuster), open the case of a game, type an online code into my phone, rent something else then go home and use the code for my game.  

Either way I know ur not locked from being able to play online

lmao thats a good idea lol blockbuster might give that a try lol nice 1