Any tips on items to collect?

In Fallout 3 it was helpful to start collecting Nuka Cola Quantum at the beginning of the game to make the quest  The Nuka Cola Challenge easier or you could turn in scrap metal to Walter for extra xp points. In Fallout New Vegas is there anything that is really valuable to start collecting early?


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the snow glow items are worth 3000 caps to Mr. House or something along those line. you can still see the snow glows in the suite that Mr. House gives you for free.

2000 caps for the snow globes.  I think there is 6, I could be wrong.  Plus one in every DLC. They are kinda of like the bobbleheads in Fallout 3 only you don't get any stat bonuses from them, just caps.

There are also certain bottlecaps with a star on them that you need for a quest.  These can also be obtained randomly while drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Wrenches, duct tape, scrap metal, and I think wounderglue was the other one come in handy for making weapon repair kits at workbenches.

The 'Sunset Sasprilla Star Bottle Caps' can both be found by drinking it, looting places certain places, and getting a random event. (Usually by Nipton.)

That quest you get after obtaining 30 of them is sort of the equivalent to Fallout 3's Nuka Cola Challenge.

Start collecting Snow Globes and get 2000 caps each. I found myself 12,000 caps in by level 15.

Also, when you loot someone when you kill them, if they have a gun, they'll have 'cases' of ammo. Loot those, you make your own ammo from it at workbenches.