Any tips for a weapon with good Accuracy but also the stopping power to boot

As the title says really, I'm currently swapping between the M4A1 with attached fore-grip and reflex sight which holds a lot of bullets but is not very accurate at medium distance and the Scar-H with holographic sight and fore-grip which is a pretty good gun apart from the fact the it holds on 21 bullets and reload time is a huge factor in getting killed. I'm getting the Karkand Map pack on Tuesday which includes the Famas which is the gun that keeps mowing me down at the moment at close range and medium range so I may try that for a bit. But what i'm looking for is opinion on the best gun to use ( and I know i've got a list as big as santa's but i'm a very specific sort of guy) that is good for close/medium range, has a good deal of accuracy and stopping power but also has a fair few bullets in the clip. All help appreciated on this.


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I take it you want an Engineer carbine?

The G36C seems to be what most people use. 

If you haven't unlocked that yet, try the SG553.  It's a co-op gun but it easier to get now that DICE halfed the point requirements.  It's basically the same as the G36C, just less common.  I would say it's pretty accurate.

SG553, iron sights.

I do pretty good with the Scar with RDS,Foregrip and Silencer.What you are asking is mainly opinion though,Everybody is different.I'd say find what works best for you.

Just an idea but how about you Service Star every weapon you have?  Depending on how good you are, it should give you an idea of how good a gun is for what you want it to do.

Opinions are one thing but the reality is another.

For example, people swear by the L85A2 as being "beastly" but it just doesn't work for me.  I can't seem to hit a cows rear with it.  On the other hand, I've started to use the AK-74M again which most people seem to ditch once they unlock the M416 and never go back to, and I do well with it (in my own crap BF player way anyway).

i use the SG with foregrip and silencer, or the g36c with foregrip and silencer. not a lot of horizontal movement with either and they have great stopping power


USAS with frag rounds is a very good sniper, it has a high damage rate too.

depends what class. but ive been using the a91 last few weeks and noticed its pretty damn good. prevlous post stated earlier to try all weapons. whatever floats ur boat. plus lts fun and keeps u occupied trying to unlock all attachments for all guns

M16A4 is amazing in the right hands.

kh2002... its only gun ive ever gotten a quad kill with.  = stoppin powr, burst only accuray, and enuf rounds to kill 4 guys in one clip.

SCAR all the way.  Just be weery of the magazine size though.  I use the SCAR with holograpic sight, flashlight, and grip.  If you want more ammo though just use the ammo specialization.  If you want something besides a carbine though I would recommend using the UMP45 since it has a tad more ammo, but isn't as powerful (it's useful at close range).

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