Any tips appreciated


How can I be better? Any tuning tips?


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You could be more aggressive, but a little more skill and a better tune would help. Corner exit speed is important, so a tune with rear grip would help.

Theres really not much other than practice you could do.

From the little bit I watched, you start your turns on the inside.  Typically you want to start on the outside after braking, turn in, power on, hit the apex, and swing back out wide to finish the turn with as much speed out of the turn as possible.  Exit speed is key.  You also seem to MASH the brakes.  Try to be smoother with the whole thing.  This will make for a happier suspension.  

And yes, practice.  Lots.  "hot laps" are your friend.  Those braking lights aren't always the best line either.

I tried that car...  It definitely could use some grip in the rear.  I managed to come in 3 against modified cars, but they have better corner exit speed than me.  

However, just from driving it I can tell you've got a lead foot.  Don't just floor it on the launch, try feathering it.  Same witht the breaks.  You can also take corners faster than you were, you brake a tad bit too much.

I can't believe I just typed "breaks."  

As said above pracitice in hot laps.  Just you and the track.  Try beating your ghost, be aggressive but be smooth with the gas and brakes.  You will see improvement