any restrictions on who uses disc?

    i heard talk before that they were possibly putting some kind of drm on the game so that you cant rent it or loan it..

    Is this true, not true, confirmed true or not?


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Not true, at least on the current gen consoles.

There was going to be some restrictions, but they removed them due to popular Demand.

OK. thanks

So I could let the GF son use the first disc to do the campaign stuff, while I keep the2nd disc for MP. [ after a full install on each machine]

 Thats a good idea if it works.  

  For me though the person I had in mind likes the mp just like I do, so that wouldnt work.

  I just thought I'd buy it and if I didnt like it, sell it to him since he wont be picking it up till later in the day.

That way I could share, as I have no interest in campaign stuff