Any PvP guilds out there to start off the war?

I'm gunna be on as long as I'm not working, so from 4pm-12am and all day on weekend.


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What alliance are you joining.

DC r EP I'm not sure yet I wanna make an Orc dragon knight in ep r a nord in dc.

How about joining the guild am apart of.Here our are doing a bit of everything but most of us are going to do a lot of PVP.

I will be making a supernatural pvp guild in DC with my character a warhammer wielding dragon knight orc and by supernayural I mean werewolves and vampires guild

Fight the majority, go DC or AD. In your case, DC. And in that case. With us at Goldmane Roar.

Yeah go DC for sure. Skyrim fanboi clans every where so there will be a lot of EP to kill.