Any one want to start up a new CC on Madden with full online Draft today?

 full 32-man Non-Fantasy Connected Careers league looking for a couple dedicated, adult players to fill a couple teams I had to open up. We're looking for friendly, competitive people of any skill level. It doesn't matter how good you are as long as you can play real football. I'm also asking for older players as school is back in session and I've had a rough time getting anyone that's still in it to get online and play their games. Again, NO KIDS. Please have a microphone. I advance the league every 2 days in the morning, between 8am-11am Eastern time. Our core players have been playing Madden together for years. We plan to still have this league up and running until Madden 14 releases (We'll start a new one then) and I'm looking for people who would like to be in our league that long. PLEASE read the details below before asking me to join. Send me a friend request if interested. (GT at bottom) 

Be sure to read all the items below. I had to boot a few people recently that didn't follow the rules.

advance every 2 days during the regular season, every 1 day during the playoffs, every 12-24 hours duing the off season. We simulate the preseason (I will turn injuries off for the simulated preseason games). Advance time will always be in the morning between 8am and Noon eastern time unless otherwise announced. You must be able to play 90% of your season games, preferably all of them. There should be no CPU games in this league. 

- If you're going to miss a game, you have to take the time to let myself and your opponent know about it and set yourself to auto so that your opponent can play their game. This is only to be done if you absolutely can't be there, not because you don't feel like playing that day. 

This is a sim-style league. That doesn't mean we simulate games, it means we play real football. We run AND pass. We don't go for it every 4th down. We don't nano-blitz. We don't glitch. We don't run the hurry-up all game. We don't do onside kicks except when you'd expect to see them. If you wouldn't see it done during a real NFL game, I'd better not hear of you doing it. We play football, not just a video game. I have a zero-tolerance policy on this. We have rules that cover pretty much everything from 4th downs to running up the score. 

- Communication is a must. You are responsible for playing your games or telling me why you didn't. If I have to repeatedly chase you down, I'll get rid of you. No offense, but I'm not willing to run a league where I have to do that with people. It's too big and would take up too much of my time. I also need you to let me know if you feel someone is ignoring you when you try to reach them to play a game. I'm very adamant that members reply to messages. 

- No quitting. Anyone caught quitting will be booted instantly, whether it's because you're trying to avoid a loss or because you've already lost and aren't interested in finishing the game. Games end for both players when you quit, even if it record the win for the other player. That robs you both of player XP. 

Settings: All-Pro, 7-minute Quarters, 20-second runoff, Salary Cap: On, Injuries: On, Coaches Only, Firing: Off 

if Interested Daft is TODAY 3-26-2013

Looking for some one to run this league also......I have two others Just need to start a fresh now that I have seen how players react to the game with rules.

GT---- Dahustla18



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