Any news on private partys? Or how to do clan matches?

I was wondering how we can do clan matches when there isnt a private room to do it in? Is there a solution to this? Maybe im not all there yet...?


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I'm with you, bro.

I've never played the original Battlefield games, and sure enough the one I finally pick up comes with no instructions (WTF?) and no private or custom matches so we can practice and train ourselves in.

Then they have the nerve to force you to play Ranked matches while confused in the middle of warfare with a rain of bullets showering in your directions.

for a very well crafted game, so far for a noob like me, that makes it an awful experience.

If you're new and want to learn, then just follow your squad. Decide what you want to be and do what you think will help your team. Don't try to do too much, don't rush (No time limit in BF) and be aware of your surroundings.

If you don't want to go the TDM-route as a "baptism", maybe try Rush with the Infantry-only setting set.  That way, the enemy is most likely coming from one general direction and you don't have to worry about jets, choppers and tanks adding to the mayhem.  The transport vehicles are still there I think.