Any Multiplayer tips for a player new to the Battlefield series?

I'm used to playing call of duty, and while I know the huge difference between the 2, this game is simply amazing. But I'm getting murdered on the multiplayer side lol.


I know the starting weapons are part of the factor and the fact that I'm playing against people who are experienced in this game is another.


But can anyone offer some tips or guidance? I'd appreciate any help


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I'd say stay with your team, use the support items, spot people and go after the objective if there is one. Also don't try to be a ninja like most people tend to do from playing Modern Warfare. Quickest way to end up with a bunch of bullets  or rocket to your face.

Having some one to play with helps out a lot too.

there is a video called how not to be a noob in battlefield. (google it) it helped me a lot last year when i started playing battlefield!!

Don't run out in the open too much,Use flanking routes to get behind enemies.Remember the quickest route is usually not the best route.This has helped me.

Also, don't stay in one place to long. Always stay on the move.

This game isn't won by one person, but my team effort. If your team isn't doing what they are supposed to be doing and you lose it isn't your fault. So, don't get angry at the game. Especially if you were trying your best.

That's how I see it anyways. :D

Thanks for the tips guys.

add me plz, im gettin my xbox this week with BF3, i will b a new player n will need help my GT- KoKo426

Another tip is dont try to fly helicopters & jets from the get go you will most likly crash them shortly after take off become familar with the other aspects of the game first for example being a tank gunner its a great way to learn how to spot enemies (back button on controller) & to shoot at infanry its a good idea for the tank gunners machine gun to be facing the other way from tank drivers main gun as you can take out sneaky enemies who try to put c4 on your tank hope this helps feel free to add me as a friend if you like  

Well the simple change I did after trying BF, was that this game is NOT fast-paced, play slow, play the objective. If you snipe, watch the objective, stay at a distance and if your using the beginning snipers, shoot 3 bullets into someone because those guns are weaker than BB guns.

Flanking is a good idea, try not to just run down the high traffic area's like you do in CoD, play the game like Search and Destroy (which should be in BF tbh, but Squad rush is the best your gunna get).

If you want/need to learn AND practice how to fly helicopters, please use the 2nd Co-op mission with a friend. You can keep retrying that mission over and over until you get the hang of it. Do NOT try learning to fly the helo's under live fire since I can GUARANTEE you rolling the chopper over and killing everyone inside on your first attempt ( I know I did haha).

Jet's are a whole different story and has to be learned under live fire, but at least your not taking down any teammates with you =)