any help would be apprciated...i'm stuck

ok i'm on executive order on veteran and i'm at tail in of it in the computer room and in the tunnel by the third intel...for the life of me i cant beat it...anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to beat it on veteran?there is unlimited reinforcements i think...


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You have to keep moving on vet, taking cover when being fired at.  I will get you some more info when I can remember exactly where you are, I have not played the story mode in about a year.  

ok cool..thanks....and i do keep moving forward but for some reason i cant get past this part and there no checkpoints in this part so once you die you start over....frustrating

persevere mate , veteran difficulty real does test you to the limits , like subzero says you will get to a checkpoint , so keep moving and taking cover . failing that if you find yourself getting no where take a break for an hour or so , you will be suprised at the results

That level is a nightmare! It took me many goes but the method I found that worked best for me is to use smoke grenades as you get close to the end. The enemies do not stop spawning so you have to keep moving forward. I found one of the most tricky parts was near the computer room that has a locker room across the hall from it.

As you get close to the door turn to the right and shoot the man that comes at you then run in shooting those at the end of the room. Stay crouched whenever you are not running for cover and always recover from being shot at before you remove yourself from cover.

Try different methods, watch a few videos on youtube, it does take a lot of patience.