any help plz on dark

ok i'm at the boss battle with letho. i have the full set of blasphemer armor and swords. im lvl 11 and this guy just hands me my ***. i drank potions and even ran around and got a few of those buffs you find with your medalon. any tips would be helpful. 


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To be honest I cheated. lol  Theres a cheevo to let Letho live so I did that on dark to finish my dark run. Once I finished dark I reloaded and beat him on easy.  If you do this remember to finish dark to the end for the achievement before touching the difficulty. :-)


I guess I went down the wrong path on the dialogue. I just end up fighting him. I even went back over the quest list to see if I missed anything. I thought of grinding my lVl but seems I don't move past what exp I have. Guess I will take a breather and try again. I wanted to get the dark archivo but seems like I will have to do it another time

Can you check your autosaves and go back before the dialog with Letho?  You might have to redo a battle or 2 but is easier than starting all over on dark mode.