Any Gamers out there 40 or older?

Since most of my friends can't believe I play videos games at 45, I wondered if there's others out there in their 40's or above. Remember when pong came out and we thought that was exciting or going to the arcade to play pac-man? Did you use a typewriter like me in college because they didn't have computers yet? I know gamers in their 30's because I think nintendo 64 came out when they were in high school but I don't know any other gamers in their 40's or above. If you're out there, let me know.





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There are actually a lot of 40+ gamers out there. I'm not sure how many you'll find here on this specific forum, but I'm sure Googling for older gaming communities would yield some satisfying results.


Personally, I'm only 20, so I'm not really of any service to what you're looking for lol.

There are a lot out there? I sure haven't found them. You answered and you're 20, see what I mean. The average player is in their earily 20's and I haven't met anyone over 40 playing Halo yet. Manying of the "older gaming communities" just require people over 25.

Try the gamer parents forum. Some of the older gamers on this forum hang out there. 33 so I'm still a youngin' if 40's the cutoff. There's a couple of 60's in the General gaming forum, but I don't think they like Reach.  

51....started with Halo, loved it and the pistol and moved on from there......Reach however, was a disappointment.

Hey, I'm 46 and love playing video games since the Sears Tele-games in the late 70's early 80's. My son and I are always online. Our favorites are Halo, Forza and Modern Warefare.


Didn't have these games when I was young.

I like sci-fi in general and I like all of the Halo's, but don't do other shooter games.


Your console never says "No".

It doesn't care if you look at other consoles.

It never has a headache or talks back.

It never gets fat.

It doesn't nag you.

47yr old gamer here.First game system was the one that only did pong. Oh yes, I remember how I thought it was the ultimate game system,to be able to play pong at home. Been gaming every since then on lots of different systems.

Yes there are lots of 40 something gamers around like us...Happy gaming!!!

Hey, I didn't realise I30 was 48, that's pretty cool dude.


Personally, I'm only 19 so I don't really do much for the 40 limit either, but as was suggested, the Gamer Parents Forum is definitely a good place to check out.

As a matter of fact, I believe the most recent survey (well at least that I saw) put the average gamer at 35 years old. Of course, it's getting younger now, but still. There are plenty of places to look.

Cool being 48?

You probably won't be saying that when you get here CSB, but you might be saying, "we didn't have these reflexive interactive holographic generators when I was young" LOL

The i30 bit is the car I have at present (Hyundai i30), not how young I'm not. LOL again


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