Any cuber out there?

hello i really want a friend who knows  how to to solve a rubiks cube (at least a 3x3 or 2x2)and any big or small cubes will do. I want one who really knows what they are talking about and what brand of cubes they use.i wanted to have one since i got live. So.... Anyone interested?


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You twist the cube until the colors match.

Your on a gaming website ask this down your local pre- school


Nice open solver of 2x2x2, 3x3x3, and 4x4x4 can be found here.

no no. I solve rubiks cube by MEMORY and speedsolve them. The only reason i asked cuz i don't know  anyone who does solving by memory.

LOL when I heard cuber, I thought you meant minecraft (huge minecraft fan) but I have a secret... peel the stickers off the cubes and place it in the right way ahahah

TBH, when I  saw the thread title I thought it was about Assault Cube...

Whats the assault cube?