Any COD3 Medics in here?

 Gosh I sure loved when that game started working properly. It had issues for several months. BUt once those were worked out it was a blast.   At one point I was within the top 10 medics in the world. Then struggled to stay in the top 50.    Would almost always be at the top of the player list in points every game.  Died a lot too but it was so much fun and I have never cared much about K/D especially as a medic.  I can still hear "MEDIC!!!" echoing in my ear to this day.  lol


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Actually your reply in the other thread reminded me of the COD3 medics.   We have medics in BF3 so just wondering if some of those remember playing and enjoying COD3.   Its still on topic with BF3.    Do you use the same strategy in BF3 as you used in COD3 as a medic?  

Never played COD3, I was playing Halo. :S

CoD 3... last good CoD game.

Had a lot in common with BF too

Vehicles + teamwork inspired classes + variety in maps + more players... think it was 9v9? I don't remember