any clan out their with fully active members?

hey i am just looking around for a clan/community where all their clan/community members are active daily or every other day.. as i see many clans/communities they have load of members but most of them are inactive?

so i was just being curious any clans out their with their communities/clans that are fully active?

i have numerous of years experience in clans from my first clan vSg ( virtually sick gaming ) where i joined and got co leader within 2 days. where i was in TMG Trouble Makers Gaming for a while and highest rank i got was a Major. and other communities clans i have been where i have been part of the news team, been a news team leader before, recruitment team, events staff team, i have high ranking where i know what needs to be done at a high rank etc.

so through me some offers towards my side and show me what your clan/community has to offer me. 


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Ashes of the Innocent. Just got a new website. Looking for new members.  Primary game is Ghost. Organized forum and rank structures. Good luck.

What's going on man, if you're still looking come by and check us out at , I can guarantee you that a few members are on daily. Especially during Clan Wars in Ghost, you'll catch all of us on. We took the Gold division this past clan wars and the silver division before that. We're expecting to be put in Platinum after the numbers we put up last War. Thanks man, best of luck in your search if you do come by let em know Jedi sent you.

Still look and searching want to make the right choice for me to join a clan/community.

What games are you currently playing? is looking for BF4 and Ghosts players, head over to our site and check us out. daily activity on the site is a key part of being accepted.

nsaniac Gaming was created over 6 years ago to be a community mainly focused on playing custom created zombie games--- For COD 4 and GTA IV-- We started off with only 20 members and have over 600+ members that play with us in our community games every week- Games are hosted every weekend and some events are planned during the week.

Are main focus right now in gaming is GTA V--

Custom gamemodes for it right now that we host for events is--

Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay--- Cops and Robbers Roleplay--- Manhunt---Hunted---Real Life Roleplay---Gang Land Roleplay( Most popular )--Evolution Roleplay( In dev atm )

Those are just some of the many gamemodes we host--

We also do custom Minecraft and Call of Duty games--

Call of Duty we play Community Created Zombies somewhat like infection but the ability to rank up and earn more weapons to use!

Minecraft has a wide array of games we play but some of the funnest is--Hunger Games---Medieval Fantasy Roleplay and The Settlers

If your interested in joining the community you can contact me Airassault54 on Xbox Live-- I will respond back to you ASAP-- or you can check out the community that is in the link(Once you get on be sure to post in the Welcome and Introduction section)(Post a new thread and tell us about yourself and what you look forward to playing with us)

Gr0undZ3r0 has a small group of players who play daily.  We are looking for a new member to join us who just wants to play and have fun!  We are currently in the Gold division with only having 8 members.

still looking for a clan/community to join.

Check us out @

Cloud I sent you a message. Come join us at Divine Knights.