Any Cheats for this Game?

I want some cheats to use. Example: Invincibility, Unlimited Ammo, Grapple Doesn't Brake, Unlimited Money, etc. Does anyone have any of these?


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I've tried looking but can't find any.

Cheats would be nice for this game.  Maybe like GTA style cheat.  What you said plus spawn weapons and vehicles.

Maybe Just Cause 3 will have something.

I didn't know there was gonna be a Just Cause 3. Cool, something to look forward to.

Link plz

Just Cause 3 will come out most likely on the next gen consoles. I doubt Avalanche will foul this series up, it's on the brink of mega success. 

there are currently no cheats for this game, i do not not know why thye wouldnt make the option for cheats. this would be a 5 star game in my book if it had cheats, other than that i love it. not many people i talk to have ever heard of it

cheats in games is my way of playing and this is the first game i can honestly say that even if there were cheats i would not use them. if you need ammo cause chaos kill with melee or drags and take ammo, if you die it saves then loads and you still got ammo

if anything, they should do something and make some goofy cheats, like making Rico's feet obnoxiously big or something like that.

there are no cheats , only thing you can do is download horizon on your pc then edit the game save to add money