any casters LFW??

im currently trying find a sorcerer who can dps like the dickens to help me finish the smelter demon in NG+. working towards lucatiel achivment which make this a lil harder send me a msg on XBL and name your price! no cash sry :(


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My advice would be to hover over each sign outside the boss door, and look for someone holding a staff.

If anyone's trying to keep Luca alive, Gods help you.

nosrsly, summon a nice faith build

I spent some time on mine last night helping folks through Smelter. Some of them were summoning Luca too, and since she likes to constantly nestle against Smelter's buns of steel, I'd just wait until he did his hour-long power ups and Great Heal her. Then the host would circle him behind a shield while I shot Great Lightning Spears at his cankles until he died.

I do recommend trying to dodge Smelter though. The timing may seem awkward because his swings are so delayed, but the hitbox on his sword when he swings horizontally is incredibly small. Right before the blade reaches you, just roll into it. Be ready for that second swing, and then get out of there once he jumps and slams his sword into the ground. You can try and sneak in a few hits there if you want, but I'm a big baby about the WOG/Force thing he does before he gets up, so I don't chance it.

After you've got the timing on those swings down, he's really only dangerous when you're way across the room from him. 1) Because he does a dashing attack where he thrusts his sword forward, and forward hitboxes are so ridiculous that i cant even, and 2) You can literally be stuck between him and the wall after that dash, and your only hope then is rolling for your life while the camera does an interpretive dance.

Smelter is quite good at getting you glitched into the walls too.  I've had it happen multiple times and even twice in the same fight.

Hasn't happened to me yet, though I've seen a few videos.

but it's unsurprising that smelter is a wall hacker

What does "LFW" mean? And what does "DPS" mean? Left for winning? Darn pulsating spells?

LFW - Looking for work (maybe?).

DPS - Damage per second.

LFW - Lactos' Fine Wine

DPS - Dual Pontificated Saltines

I'm pretty sure Lactos got them both right.