Any Call of Duty clans out there looking for a new member.

I am ranked all time above the top 1% in Free for all, TDM, Domination, HQ, and demoltion. I have currently 920+ game MVPs in all game modes on my current prestige.

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Wasted Talent Gaming is recruiting. Stop by the site and if you have any questions feel free to message me on my gamertag. Link in signature.

Check us out matey:

How about alittle more information about yourself my friend. if you are from EU check it out :D

whats a little more to you (Black Satyr)? I am a highly aggressive objective TEAM player. I **** off a lot of clans who run into my squad ( a bunch randoms I picked along the way).  I play for the kills, MVP, and the WIN per match. This is why I am game MVP majority of the time. I have gotten all 3 at least 1000 matches.  I currently have a 5.0 win ratio. I'd say 70% of my total losses are from clans rage quiting. They dashboard I lose. What good are K/Ds if you cant win. My best ever highest rank (points per minute) for a week are FFF (98), TDM (91), domination (68), demolition (54), and HQ (20). Enough said about now how about you. Dont tell me about your K/D because its not the truth. I seen guys with over 5.0 K/D dashboard against me to save their K/D. If you or your clan are consistent with dashboarding and trash talkin, then dont bother. I despise quitters. I have deleted those on my friends list.

A Weapon of God your numbers are awesome.   Your always welcome to join our clan.   Since your so good we have competitive Black Ops too if your interested.    

I am a member of Black List Gaming.   We are a group of dedicated individuals.   We believe in honor towards the clan and fellow members, and provide a sense of "family" towards our community.   We are a multi-platform and multi-gaming site that has a large and active forum, including a live chat box.   As of now we have 50 members and we want to keep growing.

The players we are looking for can be competitive or casual.   They must be 14 years old, no cheating, and be mature while they are playing.    If you have any questions message me.    If you register fill out an application.

Check out Revolution of Gaming.  We have brigades for Black Ops and MW2.  We have weekly tournaments, a Rank Structure, very active forums and theres always someone on.  So give it a look at

Lol actually my K/D is a measly 2.05 with 68K kills :)  i had an xp lobby about a month back which ruined my score but hey, i wanted the rest of the custom classes NOW lol.  My win/loss is negative because i struggled to find a good team until last month when i met RoG. the way i play is to always go positive and i cant remember the last time i went negative. I like to play as a team and thats what i get to do with RoG. I ABHOR nukes. ive proved on occasion that i can get one but i dont like the idea of prematurely ending a match. id rather settle it with kills or by objective. I like to play seriously and sometimes ill goof off by trying my hand at that quickscoping business. I dont quickscope in public matches because im not good enough at it lol id rather just use my normal classes. Im also MVP for my team the majority of the time. I notice you are speaking black ops with the PPM and just so you know im an MW2 player. Never noobtube, Never will. i also never riot shield or camp. I like to play with enthusiasm and have a good time making people rage quit. I dont trashtalk, i let my gameplay speak for itself and hell if ya lose you always got next game so no point in dashboarding. Sometimes ill get kicked as i do have things to do around the house from time to time so theres that but i dont rage quit. why give the other team that satisfaction?  If youd like then you could check out our website at    

                                                  Then after registering,regardless of whether you intend to stay,  you could post your above (about me) in our forums in the black ops section and see if you like our gamers. Play a couple of games with our different black ops brigades  and see if youd like to be a part of our clan. Or pop on over and play with us in MW2. we usually play SnD B/C  well actually i really dont know. We tend to have less run ins with kids who noob tube alot less.  I think you should check us out at the least.