Any Big Bang 4 cylinders strategies help?

Im stuck, and ive been at this part 4 times now with 3 and 4 people. Are there any good ways to fill those pumps up quick? We make it there as early as 12 and it just seems like we run out of ammo or someone gets downed. The people I play with are pretty good at zombies in general. We can make it to 25-30s pretty easily.  It just seems that holding up behind the pyramid is a bad idea. We use claymores and have are ray guns. It just seems that the second one of us goes down all hell brakes loose!


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By the time you get to this step in the egg - you're probably in the high teens or even the 20's. Trying to camp the pyramid at this point is a bad idea. The area is too small and there's no escape path. There's no way to fill the tubes up quick. When you get to the 4-tube step - the best method is to spread out filling the tubes over a couple rounds.


Start each new round up in the BioDome and/or outside by the teleporter. Get a train going and then either lead the train back to the pyramid via the labs or by dropping down from the teleporter. Once you've got the train coming to the teleporter, it should be pretty easy since most of the zombies will be coming from a single direction (although a few will re-spawn from the other directions so watch your back).


A good strategy for me has been to split up the team (1-2 outside and 1-2 in bio dome). Have the players outside drop down to the teleporter first and kill most of the zombies in their train. When those two players are out of zombies, have the biodome players lead their train down to the pyramid. This way, you never get too many zombies around the pyramid at one time.

Sounds like a good plan! I'll give it a shot later. I'm pretty good at kiting zombies so this should work. If 2 of us kite 2 different trains we shouldn't run into one another as long as we communicate.

We were able to do it just standing at the tubes at the beginning of the round, but we were only on round 13 or so.

yeah kite them zombies, upgraded zap gun rips them up!

This is probably the hardest step of the easter egg, but if you stay towards the back of the pyramid, with two people on each side, you should be fine.  The fact that there is no gravity will help you in the long run, because it makes the zombies slower.   Good luck!