anti nOOb zombies!!!!!

sup ppl! im a keen zombie player but totally sick n tired of noob kids leaving public matches early n messing up the ranking system! so yea!!!.... if any1 wants to play a proper game any time hit me up! "eK I DIM3BAG x" 

round 42 duo town

farm and tranzit not played much

good ol' retro black ops 1.... kino!!! solo'd to round 60+ before purposely downing myself through boredom LOL

have season pass on black ops 2 so will be playing all maps

see u in game hopefully! :D

PINk PuNk TeDdY Be@Rs KeEp T3h WoRlD SpinNInG.... BUT!!!... dOnT FeEd ThEm By hAnD!!!!


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