Another XP Multiplier Event?

I didn't get quite as far as I really wanted to with this last one...what are the chances they'll do one or two more before Gears 3 hits the shelves?


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It's still going on. The only thing that's different is there are no more 2X exploding weapons like Torque Bows and so forth. Now you can only get 12 instead of 23.

I love the Torque Bow.

Seriously? I guess I stopped a little too soon.

When is the 30x mode over because i play today and is still going thanks.

I love the XP events. I really want to get to 100 and go for all GS in this game....Im at level 58 right now. i think ill neverm ake it to 100

Ill be on tonight around one

Im not good at multiplayer

But ill do anything to get ,

my wings im rank 86 right now

So add me if ud like

I've still got it going on my Xbox 360. If you want to jump in for some social later we could play.

It's still going on today.

Have you tried playing today? I just logged off after I got my WIIIIINNNNGGGGSSSSS, Yeah baby.

Made over 800,000 XP today.

Good to hear...I just recently got into the multiplayer aspect of GOW, and I'm really enjoying Horde so far...I'm hoping to get to 100 before Gears 3 comes out.  I'm at 48 now.

I can assure you they will.  They do them all the time, especially holidays.  Possibly July 4th even though its right around the corner.

I've heard rumors of them getting the XP up to whatever the number is of the votes for Gears 3 for the E3 (truncating the zeroes). Let's hope to at least one more soon.