Another "What To Buy On The Marketplace" Thread.

So I'm off to the game store to buy a 1400 MS points card and I would like some opinions on which of these options should I choose to buy:

On DLC: Fallout NV Honest Hearts, BF: BC2 Vietnam, a few LA Noire cases, AC Brotherhood The Da Vinci Disappearance or HaloR Map Packs?

Now on XBLA games: Super Meat Boy? 

I would like some answers when I come back with my points, very appreciated. xoxo <3


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I would go with the Vietnam Pack for Bad Company 2. And for Arcade games, I would recommend Plants vs. Zombies, which is on sale currently for 600 points. :)

Get the Rockstar Pass thing.  I did and I got 2 more cases for is due next month. 

AC brotherhood dlc's IMO.

depends what game you like more. i would get the la noire cases.. and for the arcade game i would get super meat boy!

I bought the LA noire cases also. They were deff worth the money. Their only 320MP a piece...... Its a steal!

I'll need some more opinions before I make my decision, I already bought my 1400 MS points... :o

Trials HD and Pinball FX2 from the XBLA if you have never played them. Both fantastic games.