Another question, this time about class

I wondered what the rest of you looked for when recruiting a battlemage. It seemed to me a position that would include healing plus some ranged damage and maybe some AoE or  buffing. That would indicate a Templar rather than a sorcerer and yet Templar is also referred to as a good tank. Tank and heal seem to me to be opposite ends of a useful battle spectrum. a tank surely saves his team from being hurt by taking the front but then needs to pay attention to the fight not companions. Am I reading this class wrong? 


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This is where ESO gets complicated for me because the other mmos I have played each class had set roles but in ESO any class can pretty much do it all. I haven't looked into Templars and Sorcerers in depth yet because I'm mainly focused on the Nightblade class. The skill trees and options available to the player in this mmo set it apart from any other mmo I know/known of. There is so much freedom in how you play any one class. There are a few mmo veterans who have put out some nice reviews of them though so might have so just study more about it and make an educated decision yourself Lady B.

you guys are lucky i signed up for each beta and haven't gotten into one of them

I think I was only semi-lucky since I signed up at the beginning and then did it again right after the first one in February so I only got into the really big last one. Google ESO beta keys if you don't take advantage of any offered here on the forum. I think I saw someone yesterday offer a spare key. Some big gaming sites have some keys because Zenimax still wants this to be a big beta even if they don't make it open. I deeply sympathize with your frustration, however.

Yes, as I understand it, we can train any weapon or armor we use and can access those skills anytime we equip said gear but, a class is a class and those skills are always with you. I can't become a sorcerer and ever learn to heal as a templar or use any of the Nightblade's stealth abilities so a class is still set but just a small part of everything a character can be.

I can see me changing characters a lot while I get this all figured out relative to my preferred play style and that doesn't even approach figuring out how to play in an independent group. I can manage a party in a jrpg but an MMO group is a horse of a different colour. This is like school! I have to study. It's a good thing I like to study.

What I have been noticing is that "Skills" have their own separate trees.

I'm doing my character, a Nord with stealth and bow. Nords have passive skills that are not at all useful to my character. Two handed, heavy armor. I go against the grain every time and try to make it work. lol!

I'm thinking that since Health, Stamina and Magicka are all separated and used at different times. You can attack "Stamina" ranged or whatever, then cast helpful "Magicka" to your group. Seems the way it is working out if the same logic applies. I was using "Stamina" to attack with my bow, but using "Health" when attacking with my sword and shield. Shield bashing did more damage in this game than it ever did in Skyrim. I'm seriously thinking to give my Nord a decent chance before I go for any other changes, I was never that good in school.

I've been studying the  skill calculator and it raises some different questions. The skill sets for a Nightblade seem aimed at blade use so If you want to be an archer the shadow skills seem to be the only really useful ones. In fact nobody seems to be truly set for the hunter/ranger/archer slot. However, I have realized that anyone can be a healer if you carry a restoration staff which is doable since we can carry any weapon we want. There does appear to be a lot of leeway in a character build. I only hope I get the hang of it sooner rather than later.

[quote] The skill sets for a Nightblade seem aimed at blade use so If you want to be an archer the shadow skills seem to be the only really useful ones. [/quote]

Nightblade is definitely very well suited to blades and dealing melee damage.

Yes you hit the nail on the head. I was checking that link a bit. I'm not to far off and will certainly check this weekend to be sure.  My bow skills along with any perks in Shadow seemed to be getting better as time went on. My sword and board was not so in the respect that Nords are supposed to use 2 handed weapons and gain bonus for such. Using medium armor was knocking me back also as anything I had that was heavy was sucking all the XP from my medium advances. I put nothing into heavy but it was just as high as my medium after 15 levels. I had on Heavy gauntlets. Hey whatever gets your damage resistance up is good. Later when I get this Blacksmithing down I'll make my own set and see what it does for me. I'm up to level 14 gear with traits and can make a decent level 3 enchantment. I'm sure I'll do better when game time comes as experience is the best teacher. I wasted 10 levels from hit and miss kind of learning.

I guess I'll get another chance to find out tomorrow. I moved my computer so I can access it from my comfortable chair in hopes of less pain at the end of the weekend. It remains to be seen whether it will work or not. The computer will work, that I tested; but, when my lap is in that chair one of the cats believes it is his sole property and he can be an almighty nudge about it.

Pets! Thumper is his own cat so he doesn't bother me unless I forget to fill his bowl. The puppies on the other hand will occupy the foot rest between my legs as long as I'm sitting. They just want you to know who's really the boss.

I'm looking forward to this release the most of all now. They say it's the final one. I do hope my complaints got through to the devs and we get a bit more response from crafting. A bit more balance would be nice. Hopefully they don't downgrade it to match the lower end of the spectrum. I might even try to find some of those books they were talking about that allow for more crafting options. I was going to try another character but decided that I won't have enough time. Since I have the PC version coming I'll just wait and then try some of the others. Probably a Breton and or some kind of Elven type. I do like the Redguards a lot though. I wonder how they would look?

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