Another Obsidian's DLC Meh...

Here's the thing:

I'm a sneaky kind of player, so what's the point of getting the X-13 stealth suit  and do all the c*^ppy, repetitive quest if I'm gonna be spotted by an enemy from about 100 yrds. away?, I'm already a 40 level player with Agility 9 , Sneak 100+ and Per 10+, any logic on this?, maybe not since this is an Obsidian game and DLC.



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Overall this seems to be a problem related to how Obsidian has attempted to implement the "challenge" factor in relation to our high level characters abilities.  For me this was first notable in Honest Hearts, where even with my 100+ sneak skill, enemies would seem to spot me much more frequently.  On a related note, I also found myself having to pump almost entire magazines of rounds into an unarmoured enemies head!

Yep, coming into OWB my character is almost always at CAUTION, if not DANGER regardless of how high my sneak skill is!!!  This completely breaks the the stealth mechanics of the game, and ruins my character concept (stealth sniper).

The problem in a nutshell is how does OBSIDIAN provide a challenge for extreme high level characters... In my opinion they went waaaaaayyyyyy overboard this time.


Guess they're overcompensating for the Chinese Stealth Armor blunder from FO3.

if it made you invis as in fallout 3 it'd be way cooler... it talks too  like the one suit also but a girl.. I'm sticking with my salt upon wounds helmet and the desert ranger outfit.. stuff looks sharp with stealth suit 2... thing sucks up my stimpaks and med x i get all addicted lol...

You should be really bad at stealth because i never got spotted unless i did commit a mistake . The DLC is ok...but haters gonna hate just for pure joke.

Are you shooting? Even with the Chinese stealth armour you were spotted as soon as you fired. Stealth doesn't really mean invisible even though sometimes it seemed that way.

The Chinese Stealth Suit and Infiltrator suppressed AR combo = unstoppable.

The only way I get spotted is if im moving right in front of the enemy other than that I have no issues with the sneak skill.

A simple solution would be; not to have such a one dimensional character....... use some MELEE!

sneak suit on and sneak is 100%, only fist as weapons and still i am spotted, yeah lame big time

The Chinese stealth suit is infinitely better than the X-13 Sneaky Suit...and it doesn't talk. Ugh, thats so irritating. Also, you can actually FIND the chinese stealth suit, but you can't pick it up? I was sooo blown.

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