Another excellent job

I havent played any matches so far on the new maps, but I did take a quick walk-around on them.


Looks like another thumbs up from me. I wondered at first because the file size was considerably smaller than the last pack. But it looks as though there's plaenty of 'stuff" to give a nice adventure.



Anyone played much yet?   Opinions?


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I hope they put up a playlist for the new maps just like they did every other time. I like to get my fill of the new maps without having to play older ones.

I'm wondering if there is a separate play list for just the new maps? Or are they going to bump up the odds of playing the new ones in the regular rotation?

Yeah, I free roamed all of the mp maps but I have not played the new zombies map yet.

Silo- I like but there a few camping spots that I noticed that will be abused. Cool feature- Rockets fly off every few mins

kinda like launch in a way but more go off instead of the half way mark.  

Hazard- is a pretty small map where you can only go left mid or right side of map. Cool feature- Cliff driving range

Hanger 18- I heard some weird alien like noises on that map and the SR71's flames won't kill you which disappointed me

Drive in- It reminds me of a fall outish mini map. There is a picture of stockpiles building inside the trailer heading from left to mid the one on the back is better to few at. "I request this to be the next 24/7 map instead of Nuketown.

Just my 2 cents as I only walked around 5 mins on each map just to get an idea where most or the action will take place.

Yes . there is a playlist for new pack, includes tdm, dom, s&d , and moshpit.