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I am trying to get the achievement of doing the halo level without getting into a warthog and I am at the point that seems to require a warthog so I am trying to figure out how I can pass the jump without the warthog to get that achievement


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This one is pretty easy.  You actually do not need a warthog to jump over the gap.  You can easily "grenade jump" over it.  If you have never grenade jumped in Halo before, all you have to do is throw a grenade right at the edge of the gap, then run towards it and jump so that the apex of your jump coincides with the blast from the grenade.  The resulting forward momentum from running will clear you of the gap with room to spare.  


A few tips:

1) Do not activate the "Boom" skull because it will kill you even if you are at full health.

2) It is preferable that you are at full health when you grenade jump since being in close proximity to the blast will hurt you.

3) Plasma grenades take longer to explode than frag grenades.  Make sure you time your jump accordingly.

4) Get to the edge of the gap and look straight down and throw a grenade at your feet.  Back up a little then quickly run forward and jump just as the grenade explodes.


Hope this helps.