Another 80190826 Problem... Help

I keep getting this problem but when I go check my billing history, it says I don't owe anything at all. So now I got a different card and I'm trying to change that but I can't even add the new card, or even un add my old one. I've been having this issue for months now hoping that each time it'll go away... and uhh I'm kinda like you know 14 and all so this whole business is not my major at all, but shouldn't I be at least to remove a card and or replace one? I also had another card, like the first one I got, and I finally got it off my account, but NOW I can't delete the other one, which is hooked up for Membership stuff. I wanna like switch them cause I got a new NEW card and I want to use the new card instead of the other one. I would call support. But they make it even worse... well for me :/ no offense to them buuut yea... if i repeated some stuff sorry.. just freaking out here! It anyone can help, and bring it down to my IQ level, that would be very greatful...


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