Another 360 newbie

FINALLY...  Been waiting for the WII my family wanted to lose it's steam. LOL  so here I am.  MW3 Edition 360, and its BADD.  Just hoping to hone the shooting skills.  Iv'e got friends, but hey we all could use more.  and by the way is there a way for me to change my gamerpic to one of my own?


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The only way is to have the Xbox camera and take your photo.

Indeed you'll need the xbox camera to do so. Good luck with cod hun .

Welcome to LIVE, bro! Good luck with the CoD thing. I snapped my MW3 in half.

^^^ I know what you mean. I just beat MW3 on Veteran and the last mission was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAANNG!!!!  Got 'er done though! :)

game rage much lol?


I've come back to xbox after a year or two break so all my old friends have deserted me :)

Anyone feel free to add me, I will be playing MW3, Forza 4 and possibly black ops.