Anonymous Admins

I think that it should be mandatory that the names of all admins should be listed in the server description.  If they have the power to kick/ban you arbitrarily, you should be able to see who did it. 


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Press start, go to server settings, go to players. The admins have a key icon next to their name.

^ I think he means in server browser rather than in-game. It doesn't list the admins from the browser.

Sorry, I should have been more clear.  I did mean in the server browser.  If you get arbitrarily banned, you can't re-join to see who the admins were.

I agree, one other thing that helps is looking to see whether or not the admin is in the game before oyu spawn in... if there is, especially on the enemy team, bail. I do this because half the time if there is an admin I will get kicked or switched to the losing team with 70 tickets against 500 and no flags.