Why is it that everyone in pro clubs is a midget guy with top speed?  Probably wouldn't mind it to much if the A.I. would actually play defense rather than just standing by and watching the guy run by them.  Seems to be an exploit that needs fixed.  I mean the defenders you get are usually good sized which should be able to fend off the tiny light weight guy but for some reason I am always watching our defenders be man handled.... Seems impossible to find a game where people actually play the game for what it is rather than just launching through balls all game and just holding sprint.  Oh and btw I use offside trap and get the call quite a bit but their is always that one time where the game doesn't call the offsides or I have a defender who doesn't respond to the tactic.  Anyone else fed up with this or is this pretty much just how the online club stuff works ( mindless midgets sprinting around)????


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i here you out of the 30 odd games online ive played with my pro club id say about 99.9 % of the opponents all have midget players .

me and my team have done pros to match as closely to what we look like (height ,weight etc etc .

now im sure there are small players . but not nearly every other match. but its there game they can be as *** as they want.

oh and the other things that annoys the crap out of me is how nearly every team plays .runs to byline cut back cross or cut back pass across face of goal. no imagination

i love scoring proper team goals or belters from outside of the are (sigh wish they was more opponents to have a gd game against like youself.