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This thread is discuss things that are annoying from Dead Rising 1 and 2 that we don't want to see in Dead Rising 3.

I'll start off by saying that I ABSOLUTELY hate how when you run out of ammo or your weapon breaks, the item just disappears and the character will do this stupid motion like he just got shocked or something.  I've seen it in Dead Rising 3 footage and I'm very disappointed.  It makes no sense.  Can't the character just throw the weapon after it can no longer be used instead of disappearing?  It bothers me because it doesn't look right aesthetically.

Also, I'm not liking the crosshair of guns, it looks like it came from 2 generations ago.  Please make it a simple small circle or dot, not this huge crosshair mess.  Looks too aracade-ish.  I hope we at least have the option to change it. 


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To be honest, I never even thought about the "shock" like effect from the first games. It never really bothered me, I guess. There definitely should be something done about though. I don't see why the player can't just have a "toss" animation while walking or running. The guns should have a reload animation as well.

The NPC AI in past games has been terrible. They would frequently run into a group of zombies, instead of taking a clear path. It appears (judging by the video) the AI has been fixed, but only time will tell!

Great thread, by the way! 

The only things in dead rising 2 is the time limit and the face there was no sprint option and the boss battle too they take soak up so much damage like there meat shields.

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I'm just glad that the option to play without the timer is there, I hate having massive open worlds to explore but then be constantly clock watching so that you don't feel like you can explore.

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I agree with all of you.  Glad they're taking away the time clock, and the boss fights are definitely meat shields.  Its as if the developer decided to incorporate meat shield bosses instead of actually smart AI bosses in design.  I actually gave up on both Dead Rising games because of that issue.  It just wasn't even fun to fight the bosses.  I didn't even complete missions because I was forced in beating these bosses.  I found myself just wandering the mall....and that still got kind of boring after awhile.