Annoying glitch!!!

Me and a couple of my friends were playing conquest last night on the highway map (cant remember the full name) anyway I got sniped by someone, and in the kill cam it showed him on a road with railing behind him.  So I changed to recon and started using the MAV to try and spot him for my team.  After checking the usual places and not finding him I thought he'd moved, but my friend got sniped by the same person in the same place.

Anyway it turned out him and three of his mates were actually on the highway that runs through the game and you shouldnt be able to get too.

It turns out its actually quite easy to get up there (not going to say how, but Youtube it and you'll see) and the person who made the video for Youtube actually tries to justify it by saying DICE hasnt fixed it, so they obviously want people to get up there.



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Yeah it involves a MAV, but I usually just switch to my mortars and make easy kills of these morons up there.

Yup, mortar them. I've also managed to shell them with a tank from the American base. Not sure if you have a proper angle from the Russian base but I would try it.

As stated above they can be mortared, so no biggy. You can't hide up there. I think DICE should leave it in, because it isn't a glitch its just using teamwork lol.

What I don't understand is why DICE didn't make the bridge/highway out of bounds when developing the map , this isn't anything new, people did this with the UAV on BC2. And as Red Clown pointed out, just easy mortar kills.

Funny, I just posted about this, so here's a bit of what I learned.  It is possible to get up there from both spawns, and is not technically a glitch.  It's not considered "out of bounds" by the game itself.  There are a few ways to kill someone up there: snipe them (gotta be good, I'm not yet myself), mortar, shoot them while you're in a vehicle, roadkill (haven't figured that one out yet.)  There may be more, I don't know.  I don't think this is one that can be resolved with a patch, so i would recomend getting used to it, and adapting your play style to compensate.  I had a match with 5 people up there who knew how to snipe very well.  It was rough, real rough.  But for what it's worth, while they are up there, they couldn't really hide. I'm looking at it as a opportunity to get better with the recon kit, you might try to do the same.  I had a discussion (sometimes wayward) with a person who occassionally uses that bridge.  See the thread "And so it begins...." for the info he gave me.  As I said before, I don't think this is one thats going to change, but if people are always watching that area, and are prepared for it, there's a good chance it won't be exploited.  Killing people who do that (in the game silly) is the best defense.   Hope this helps...