Annihilation or Escalation

The regular maps are starting to get boring to me so i'm thinking about picking up one of the map packs to freshen things up a tad bit.I already know the First Strike maps are horrible so between Annihilation and Escalation which one seems to be better?

P.S. Not sure if this has been asked before and navigating these new p.o.s. forums is next to impossible to search old post.


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old posts dont realky exist anymore in alot of ways. They did not keep the original forum archives, so the whole forum system prety much started over a few months ago.

as for maps, I would say the newest one is best, escalation second and FS is the last I would pick.  All and all, all three map packs have better maps than the base maps IMO.

The new map pack is A LOT better than the first two imo. You'll also have a playlist specifically for Annihilation, you wont for the first two.

I don't have any map packs. The core maps are still going strong in mp. If I were to get a map pack I would get it for the zombies.