Annihilation Map Pack Codes

You know what would be an awesome suggestion? Actually releasing some of those twitter codes before the map pack is actually released give some of your customers that buy the pack as soon as its released a chance to enjoy the giveaways. Who are obvioulsy your best customers that were gonna buy it anyway. Map pack 3 its time you recognized the individuals picking up the map pack immediatly on release.


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and? lmfao, there in it to make *** loads of money! haven't you figured that one out yet!

You know what'd be awesome? They rewrite the friggin net code so that we enjoy a lag free experience. At least fix the crappy filters at least. Another tip for you lazy programmers at 3arc. Geographical proximity means nothing in the internets! Read a little more on that topic and fix the matchmaking filters.

Or you could just get better internet or better yet stop playing. Bye!

Just cos CoD is laggy for me, I have bad internet? I am a beta tester for xbox live. Been on it before you ever born.

I'm gonna run out of cheese if I have to serve it with all this whine.

CoD is laggy because its P2P based. The ones that argue are blinded by there loyality to a brand.

An even better idea would be giving it to us for free , (This is imagination Land right?)

I believe it goes by ping and not geographical location.  At least when searching for games, mine is looking for anything < 50 ms.  I think they just need to work on spending more time figuring out which hosts are more preferred.  I believe Bungie has been doing this and it seems to work great.  Determine who host is based more on history and stability then who has the better connection at that instant.