animals keep disapering

i wanted to make a nice big farm i dug the floor out 2 blocks and fenced in 5 high on the sides with a fence roof i had 40 cows and or pigs in my pin and they all just disapperd so i thought i made the farm to small but nope i loooked in the tutorial farm and theres is olny a 4x4 and is small pin.

 can anyone explain how come my animals keeps getting lose  and also any animals around the farm after they disapperd will not chase you with weat in your hand is like a 80 block radius around the farm..



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I have had the same problem (smaller scale).  Seems like every time I get 4 or so in the fence, go mine, come back and they are gone.  I will keep a look out and see if any info comes up.  I will post back if I find anything good.

I have read that if they can wonder more then 20ish blocks in there cage they might despawn, that's just what I have heard wasn't from 4J or anything like that though so might not be true.