Angry Rant against Treyarch

This is not a hate rant on 3arc. It's about the DLC.


I am so frustrated. Important note: Treyarch highly needs to not release region-specific versions of their DLC. You want to know why it's Trey and not Activision? Because Activision doesn't have regulations stating this. Why? Because IW doesn't do it...

Here is my reason. I have already tried for 1 hour to download the Rezzurection map pack (English: United States version). The problem? Guess what: "This item is not available for your region." I have tried several methods at my disposal. Now I know what you're thinking: "Oh, I am just lacking MS pts., that's the problem." You are wrong. As of May 4, 2012, I have 1200 MS points (enough to download) I also have a legitimate NTSC Region 1 console and a legitimate copy Black Ops (NTSC). Why are you guys (Microsoft) using fri**ing IP adresses to verify your region?

Now, here are my three solutions. One is for Treyarch to get off their fri**ing a** and remove this trechary. In other words,  remove this "DRM," and just standardize the DLC release dates for your games next time, please (obviously, without DRM)!

My second solution is to use the console's (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) (region) designation. You can just release DLC for certain content regions.

The third solution is to change the way you (Microsoft) verify a console's geographic location. Besides, you can only use MS points for the region they are made. Bungie made a smart move realizing this, IW as well. Why, 3arc,  do you need a pointless extra line of defense? Besides, you've got a billing adress, you've got region-specific MS points, why lock content based on IP adress location?

End of rant.


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Or u could use a proxy server setting in ur router?

You're ranting in the wrong place, try the official Call of Duty forums, or somewhere similar.

Treyarch won't look here.

Oh, and it's probably an issue on the side of Microsoft. You have to ask around.

I am more on a hatred on MS... can you download from the exact same settings on PS3? This is on the XBL MP...