And the worlds worst server award goes to....

At least in MW2 i can get  a bloody game!

So last night in a little over an hour i got 3 games in. One just finished as a loss just as i entered, the other two i was kicked due to "connection to EA servers has been lost". Wash rinse and repeat for an hour.

Got a cheeky one in this morning before work and connected straight away, got a full game in and ranked up to level 4. Rush not my fav match type but i liked the game and on TDM i'm sure it will go down well.

It wasnt what i was hoping for, feels more like they have taken MOH and polished it up a bit, but good enough to purchase.

For all those waiting for Thursday to come, just be prepared to sit and continually pressing the "A" button until you get in. Yes i realise the servers will be busy but 3 small games in an hour? Both myself and a mate gave up in the end.

p.s. there is no party option, or joinable to a friend, you just have to go into seperate games and private chat to each other.


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