And the onslaught of out crys begins............

"Mass Effect 3 Including Multiplayer After All?"

Let the massacre of angry fans begin.

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... No multiplayer in Mass Effect 3? Yes, please.

fixed (hopefully)

link to PC Powerplay

oh and for giggles
(hoping image works)

in the vein of mp I'll just leave this here (since the other mp thread got borked by crypitc's infamous walls)

also sorry to everyone here Cryptic, Schuey come to mind first (in a lot of ways myself too) for having to link this here.

link to PC Powerplay looks like it is indeed coming...

also taking bets on how long crypitcs post will be.

Squad members die all the time. They just need some Medigel and they are fine.

"I'll Take Him" is what she says.  You saw Liara get "punched'?  Are we watching the same video?  I saw her get snapped in half and a squirt of purple liquid...:-)

........"shes in control of her own actions" well hurrrrrrr derrrrrr maybe because Shepard just gave her a command and because she is a.i. yes she is in control of her actions.  Like do you really see what you're saying here and how it makes little sense? lol.

What about Liara saying "I got em"?  It's squadmate banter during combat, confirming Shepards commands to do this or do that.  Do you not listen to the exact same banter throughout ME 1 or ME 2 when you give a squadmate a command? It's the exact same thing, so no that has nothing to do with it somehow being for co-op.

That trailer is more or less a cinematic combat trailer, and partially shows the actual combat commands that you see on screen. When Liara said, "I got em", it's shown in a cinematic form and not actual in-game action. You could plainly see before that Shepard issuing a command to one of the squadmates to go take cover which is the downwards pointing bright arrow, exactly like in ME 2. And exactly like in ME 2 and ME 1, you can give commands to your squadmates to target specific enemies, and that's exactly what Liara did of which they do not show that because again it's a cinematic combat trailer.

This notion of the "smoking gun" that points towards co-op is laughable at best.  If you think that's the first time they've revealed a "big" plot point in a simple, miniscule trailer, you'd be sorely mistaken.  Besides how does the trailer show Liara die?  If anything it just shows her being knocked to the ground after the Atlas mech "punches" her, I'm pretty sure she can survive a punch considering she survived the ordeal on LotSB with a much more powerful biotic adversary.

Also to add to that, before ME 2 even released, BioWare went on this marketing blitz in which you could literally tell exactly what the story had in store for you before even playing the game because of videos, trailers, developer walkthroughs/interviews and etc. If you were around the ME 2 boards back then, you would literally have to go on a media black out to ignore spoiling everything there is to know about ME 2 because it was all showcased.  They are doing the exact same for ME 3 and we're still 5 months from release.

Just watched it again, she actually says, "I'll take him", pretty clear that she's in control of her own actions...:-)

Thanks for the link CrypticZer0, there's definitely evidence that it's showcasing the new Kinect feature, but what about Liara saying "I got 'im", it sounds more like she's not, in fact, responding to an order, but that Liara is being controlled by someone other than the person playing Shepard.  Liara dying is the smoking gun that tips my hand to co-op, they wouldn't reveal that MASSive plot blockbuster in a "Combat Reveal" video, it looks, to me, like she's a playable character...:-)

It was titled "Squad Leader" because it's Part 1 in a 3 part series of Combat Reveal videos/trailers which started with the reveal of "Squad Leader" at Gamescon in Germany, as seen here. It says plainly in the beginning of that video, "Combat Reveal - Part 1 - Commander Shepard leads his squad in a Cerberus assault"

I don't see how that conforms to some "cooperative action", it's Shepard in action leading his squad, the a.i. squad we've always had and will have, in combat of which they were showcasing the improvement of said a.i.

The trailer itself was pretty bland and nothing really different than what they were showing since E3. But it was definitely not made to show some sort of "co-op" action.

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