And how does that make you feel?

DLC is out of control. We're not even buying downloadable content anymore we're buying keys to unlock content that is already on the disc.

If you want to customize your weapons by simply changing the paint job you need to purchase skin packs. In RainbowSix you could customize your entire character just simply by playing the game and leveling up which is how it should be. CoD you can unlock weapons and killstreak rewards by playing, earning xp, and leveling up. Anything wrong with this picture?

The silverback fires rockets in campaign and in beast mode the humans also use rockets on the silverback. But in horde mode you need to buy the dlc(key) to be able to fire the rockets. silverback level cap is 2 which saves you 33% on repairs, lol. I thought leveling up the silverback should have unlocked other capabilities as well such as better armor giving it more health and rockets. On that note all the upgrades in horde cap at different numbers, how much you want to bet that those levels go higher but will not unlock without another key from epic which will be presented as dlc later on.

Season pass saves you 33% on the first four dlc packs!

How much you wanna bet the first four dlc packs are already on the disc? The disc/game that you and I already paid 100% for. 

There's more but I'm gonna hold there for now. Say what you gotta say man, just let it out lol.


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Pretty good. You on the other hand seem pretty mad.

Not really mad. I do love this game and I will do what I have to to extend the life of it but you can't look at the dlc that's coming with it and not see something wrong there.

Used and DIRTY!!!!

While I find such practices undesirable, the thing is, the next time they'll just not put the DLC on the disc. Sure, they'll have it ready by launch, but they'll hold it out until a few months afterwards. That way, you'll never know and ignorance is bliss, right? I've seen a ridiculous increase in day-one DLC that it's sickening. Makes me appreciate what they did for Portal 2 a lot more. Also, I preferred when EPIC was launching a lot more maps in their DLC (except for Combustible map pack) than now. It feels a lot more like Halo where you pay the same for 3 maps instead of 5-6.

i agree 100% they are gettin out of hand with that........makin u pay fro downloadables that should be used as xp up pretty sure that was all microsofts doin and not epic and ole cliffy b

And yet you guys will eventually buy it so they will continue. If you don't like it.. then don't buy it. Also I think the things they are giving (especilly the December DLC) is worth the money. That is just me though.

Pffft I honestly don't care. I bought the Epic Edition and the season pass. Gears is one game ill throw money at.

Speak with your wallet and let us do the same.

its a great business move for epic, our money for more game expansion, no telling what our money is doing to expand an already great video game, smart

a lot of skins can be unlocked or awards through various actions, beta, previous achievements, buying a drink at Jack in the Box etc...there's enough variety and customization already in Gears 3 for Multiplayer and from the most part it doesn't seem to affect the balance of the game only the visual experience. if Epic said purchasing DLC was a requirement I would say your point would have more weight, otherwise considering the number of ways to purchase points for less, bundled, and/or getting preorder gift credits for games lately...the smart shopper won't feel the same sting in the wallet as the impluse one.

if investing a few extra dollars extends the replayability for a game that's on you, if it makes you have a more rewarding and enjoying experience because your gun shoots silly string it was money well spent.

as far as marketing goes, brilliant. I'd rather have a time released capsule of content unlocked on the disc to prolong the life of the game than no additional content at all and/or to wait for a rushed sequal.

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