... And a Skeever!

 Ok Folks! I just recently fast-traveled from Markarth to DawnStar and I pulled a Train of assorted creatures the likes I have not seen before. I kid you not, The train of creatures that I pulled on that particular fast-travel movement was the following: 1 Ancient Dragon, 1 Frost Troll, 6 Bandits, 1 Giant Frostspider, 2 Cave Bears, 2 Wolves, 2 Sabretooth Tigers, and a Skeever!

Luckily, I had just gotten the master Illusion texts, so I proceeded to cast Harmony and all but the Dragon immediately chilled out. So I chosed to deal with the dragon first.

Took down the dragon, cast another harmony, and then took out the rest of the bunch one at a time!

Anyone else ever pull a train that large before?


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All of those enemies appeared after fast traveling?  Wow.  Since downloading patch 1.5, I have noticed that we can now have fights with multiple dragons at the same time.  I fast traveled to a location and there were two Ancient Dragons waiting to cook me to a crisp!

Dang that sounds cool. I've rarely fast traveled but I may end up doing it to see what kind of action I get lol......

Very interesting. Other than the horse I'm riding or the person I'm escorting I've never pulled anything else with me, though of course dragons show up on arrival. That's really one for the books.