Ancient Relics Coalition

Hi everyone. We are the Ancient Relics Coalition (ARC). We're looking for some new friends to join our gaming community.


Is this U?: 

- love having FUN

- can take a joke & dish em out

- like gaming with new friends

- don't care how crap we are

- between 21 - 99 y.o.


Then U should join up. We can offer U:

- an active, user friendly site

- friendly, laid back, "mature", but slighty crazy members

- a BIG warm welcome

- and a lot of good laughs


We are muti national and we don't care where U are from or what your k/d is as long as U are in it for the FUN


Welcome to your new home ----->


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Currently we include members from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, across Europe and Australia,  We only ask you be over 21 and have fun with your fellow ARC'ers.

ive been a member for 3 years great bunch at ARC very friendly and helpful just make online gaming a better place,we have even been featured in the online gaming magazine "wired controller" we were picked as the first clan to be interviewed for 'clan of the month' so feel free to check it out:

and dont forget to check us out at

Been a member for 2 years now and it is a great place to hang and find peeps to game with who don't take everything to seriously.  If you're looking for a chill place to meet some new gamers, check ARC out.

any easy place for anyone that is really looking for a place for adults that are never worried about competition.

Good morning ARC, and a wet dreary day it is too, Just the perfect excuse to get some Gow in

Well what can I say, Iv been at ARC for well over a year and I have had a real blast here, we have loads of friendly active members, and cover a good amount Gaming Genres, we have regular fun comps which are well attended,

so if you fancy a break from the rest... now try the best

See yous all soon.

Friendly?  laid back? "mature"? slighty crazy?! My k/d ratio doesn't matter???

ARC sounds like a dream come true for me--I'll check it out!

SlainSpartan hope to see you there soon you wont regret it also we have halo players ;)

Only 7 days left until DiRT3.......and the DiRT3 League at ARC :-)

my god even here Six is wh0ring Dirt 3 LOL!!!!!

Been a member of ARC for almost a year now, and I will never look back. I have made some great friends here from all over the world! i never game alone anymore, as there is almost always members online. We have an active community of over 150 members, and each one is just as crazy as the last. We don't care what your K/D ratio is, we don't care how many achievements you have, if you are 21 and over, then you are welcome here!! We have loads of ARC members on different titles, and weekly competitions and leaderboards for games! So if you ever thought about expanding that friend's list, and trying to see if there are more than just 14 year old kids who swear at you on Xbox live, than join ARC! Long live the Coalition!!

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